CodeShop - FAQ

Frequently Asked Question

Q: I cannot purchase using my mobile number. What can I do?

A: CodeShop by Tune Talk is available for Tune Talk subscribers only. Please ensure that your mobile number is a valid Tune Talk number and it has sufficient credit balance to cover the cost of the purchase. If you do not have a Tune Talk SIM card, please check with your nearest dealer or visit

Q: I did not receive my TAC after inputting my number at the payment page

A: The TAC delivery may be affected by the mobile network status. Please ensure that your phone is with the network coverage area and that your call plan is currently active.

Q: There is an error in the site after I inputted the TAC and I did not get my Steam Wallet Code.

A: Please checkyour credit balance for any deduction for the purchase. If there has been a deduction, please check your email as the Steam Wallet Code delay may be affected by network connection quality. If this does not resolve that problem, please contact our support team at 13100 / 03-2772 0000.

Q: My Steam Wallet Code is not recognized by Steam when I input the wallet code to top up my Steam Wallet account

A: There may be a short delay between the delivery of the code and it being recognized by the Steam servers as we are getting the Steam Wallet Codes directly from Valve affiliated merchants.